Come visit my prized beauties on utopia you'll not believe your eyes. :D

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  1. My friend xxfailmuchxx helped grow these beauties. He's that little dot waaaay up there. :D

    It's even attracted an EvilToade. I hear they enjoy playing in gardens. :D

    and last but not least, the top at level 255 :D

    come by anytime. It's here on utopia at res 5918.
  2. Awesome!
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  3. Did you make it to max height? :D

    EDIT: I didnt read 1 line :p
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  4. Wow, fantastic! How long did that take to accomplish?
    It certainly looks like a whole lot of work!

    Do you have a name for your garden/"beauties"? ^^
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  5. Thank you for the looks and replies. :D

    They are as tall as they can be so yes, they are to the max build height. No, I don't really have a name for them but I am thinking of expanding them. Maybe to surround my res.
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