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  1. Well, since there is no longer a shop on my residence (& I spend most of my play time in the wild) I would like to open up my (abandoned shops) as houses for people to stay in free of charge. I don't want my residence to be lonely! So if you have any interest in having some extra space on SMP7 come talk to me.

    Here are the details: SMP7 Lot: 15422
    1. There is no rent or fees for staying here. I just want the space used.
    2. No one will access your belonging but you. Ever. I promise. I do not give out permissions on my lot freely.
    3. If I ever am getting rid of my lot - or might lose it due to derelict policy - you will have plenty of warning to get your stuff.
    4. I will give you permissions to set up your house how you want it. I ask that you do not make structural changes to the outside - and you ask before making structural changes inside. IE: Don't tear down walls without permission. I will keep an eye on you while you work on your house, then I will take away your permissions. You will have [access] signs to your chests, ovens, and any other use items.
    5. Everyone will have [access] permissions to a farm containing wheat, sugar cane, and pumpkins/melons. There are also community ovens, crafting tables, low lvl enchanting tables, and alchemy stands. (be careful not to put something into a community use object and walk away from it - everyone can access them and you might loose stuff!)
    6. You will need to bring your own materials. You will provide any chests, ovens, or other work items you wish to have in your place. I will provide [access] signs.

    There are several open spaces. Come check them out. First come, first serve.

    Open Lots:

    Large Houses ( 2 stories with lots of space & Balconies) NO VACANCIES
    A. Redwing2000
    B. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    C. (has small yard) 333Kirby

    Houses (2 stories with a good amount of space and balconies.) NO VACANCIES
    A. Foodenator
    B. Terrydaterrorist
    C. Terr
    D. Squiggly
    E. Cambria
    F. Manglex

    Large Apartment ( 2 stories, good amount of space, shared balcony.) NO VACANCIES
    A. CreppaNinga235

    Apartment ( 2 stories, smaller space, shared balconies) NO VACANCIES
    A. Nfell
    B. Sneeker134

    Castle Towers: (2 stories, Small space - but open and nice views. F is larger) 4 OPEN
    A. Matt64091
    F. Hayjam

    Please come message me in game if you are interested. You can send me a message here on the forums but If someone comes in game I will likely notice them first and they will get first choice of what they want!

    I will also give tours. :)
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  2. Can u make 1 of ur res's A public farm?
  3. I dropped my supportership.

    I can only have one res.
  4. large house c plz
  5. Really? it still ses ur diamond. :p
  6. Okey .
  7. oh lol nvm i am at my blaze spawner on smp7 so sorry :(
  8. Large House C, I'll set up tomorrow morning if that's okay.
    The big one. :)
  10. Yeah it expires soon.
  11. Can I have large apartment A plz?
  12. perfectly fine :)
  13. yup
  14. Currently, you keep your res's after losing your supportership.
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  15. I know, but I don't like to take advantage of glitches. :)
  16. Mind reserving Apartment B for me? It seems like it could be fun to have a hangout outside SMP1. I cant pick it up now though, since I have a weird error come up for EMC servers. Right now, ICC and Justin are trying to figure it out.
  17. It is yours!
  18. Oooooooh we is neighbors.
  19. Can I have house A please?