Come fish at /v 12197

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  1. Bored? Need food? You cam come fish at /v 12197! No fees required, and several ponds to fish from outside of the building you spawn in. :D :cool:

    Not only that, but lily pads for mini-parkours (but those are technically decoration), and one of the road edits beside it has water you can fish from, too. ;) :cool:

    Edit: if you have any ideas, please post it here! :cool:


  2. Midnight fishing!
    Looks great.
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  3. Res is still available for fishing, and will be permanently. Hope you catch a lot!
  4. Great idea! I had one suggestion. If you'd like, you can make a few automatic fishing farms for people like me who find it really tedious to always look for that bobber on the fishing pole. You just have to make sure that you clearly state that people aren't allowed to completely afk fish, they still have to be at their computer while fishing. (rules rules rules.... :) ) Just an idea though, you'd have to iron out some of those small details like how they get their loot, maybe you can rent the fishing kiosks out :)
  5. Thanks for the input, but that's more upkeep than I'm interested in.