Come check us out pretty cool shop red more.

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  1. Listen to music, Shop, Party, Have fun, Ect. I use to have a shop in SMP 3. And one off the guys i gave a build flag to griefed my land by puting lava everywhere. So i came Smp 1 with Justin Guy. Then i got my land in order i got money then 3 months later... WERE BACK!!!! come to 1386 Great prices get to listen to music get tips on shops and more. But i got to be honest, Were not all ways in stock but thats because i sell stuff so fast because our stuff is so CHEAP. and one more thing SPLEEF COMING SOON!!!! It should done by the next week so get ready.

    Res code: 1386
  2. LOL sorry that "red more" I ment to type "Read more"