Combining Residence ?

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  1. Hello, I have 1 account with two plots, and another with 1 I want to combine them so they are big and close, How would I do this?
  2. start by typing /res on the account you want the res' to be on and ensure you have enough res slots available if you are wanting them to be associated with the same account

    if you just want to move the res' closer together but on separate accounts then you need to claim a res close to the others and then pay Senior Staff to move it
  3. But if I wanted the account with 2 plots to combine how would I do that?
  4. Account #1 - 2 plots
    Account #2 - 1 plot

    Scenario 1 - You want all three plots to be on the same account and close together?
    Scenario 2 - You just want the account with the 2 plots to have the plots closer together?

    Which scenario are you talking about? I'm unclear what you're asking exactly.
  5. I want to have the plots combined and I do not know how to do this.
  6. You can't actually combine the lots into one big lot. There are paths between them that are part of town.
  7. This is true, but paths can be edited by senior staff so long as you pay them 10k and supply all the materials that they build what you want with :) The actual sandstone bit in the middle has to have a 4 block high clearance though.
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  8. I though they said it was like 100k
  9. That is if you want a residence moved by a Senior Staff to a destination residence which is derelict or open.
  10. Should I ask a mod to combine them?
  11. Again, you're using the word combine, and I don't know what, you mean, sorry :(

    Here are the two options you have by staff:
    Or if you have an empty residence slot:
    You can claim the residence next to your other one. And this can be combined with number 2 to make them similar?
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