Columbus day steak drop party!

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  1. Recently I've won a double chest of steak in an auction, and my intent is to use most of it in a drop party. Now it just turns out columbus day is on monday, so I thought "what the heck".
    When: Monday, october 8th, 9:00 est, may be subject to change.
    Or click here for a countdown.
    Where: smp4, res 8382
    Why: boredom and to promote our (jamesg004 and I) in progress hotel.
  2. In 20 min, lol anyone coming?
  3. Is it done already?
  4. Did I miss it?
  5. Er yeah. 3 people showed up XD.

  6. Oh, it should have been a great party then :D
  7. The countdown says it will start in 47 minutes though:confused:
  8. From this day forward Columbus Day will be associated with steak!!!!
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  9. Oh no, WHAT HAVE I DONE? XD
  10. Hahaha hello SteakMan! :p