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  1. You Guys Need to add some more colors. I am running o...........

    I ran out you see! We need more colors!!!!!
  2. I'm a bit Crazy.
  3. You can do entirely custom colors, you know? From the color picker, click "More colors" and pick whichever one you want. Or, if you wanna use BBcodes, you can just type [COLOR=#deadfe]This'll be colored with the #deadfe hex-color[/COLOR] if you want. Like so: This'll be colored with the #deadfe hex-color
  4. Yeah There is an infinite amount of colours available!
  5. superdeduperrainbowislongwindedandannoyinghowlongcanidragthisonforidontknowbutilltryaslongasicanthisisreallyfunnyiwonderwhowillreadallofthischickennuggets!trolololololololol
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  6. Very clever. :p