Colonies Contest - Win Up to 20,000R!

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    Hello there!
    Welcome to another contest i'm going to host, this time there is no voting, no much judging and just a single objetive.
    This is only for WILD purposes, if you don't like WILD, don't mind reading.

    Win up to 20,000r just for bringing some friends into YOUR colony!
    Yes, you readed correctly, i'm going to giveaway 20,000r to whoever brings more friends to a successful colony!


    Yes, this is a contest for Delta Team members (and members that apply) that whish to start a colony or that are already leading one.
    Everyone can be accepted here!*

    Starts today and ends june 28th!

    Bring as much friends as you can to successfuly start a DT colony in the wild, it has some tricks tho, read more:

    The colony must have:

    -XP Grinder (functional)
    -Branch mine
    -1 double chest of colony cobblestone (cobblestone that can be used by the colony for colony tasks)
    -1 chest of wooden planks (or the equivalent in wood stacks)
    -1 chest with 6 stacks of coal, 3 stacks of melon, 3 stacks of bread and 1 stack of iron
    -3 iron tool sets for each member (shovel, pickaxe, sword and axe)
    -A house for each member (at least 10x10 with 2 floors)
    -Functional evacuation tunnels (below the houses)

    Also, the colony should have a BIG project on development (or finished) when the judging starts. (it doesnt matter if is a huge farm, a huge tower, a huge statue of the great copherfield, a huge mansion... Anything that's BIG will be counted)

    start making your colony and drop a post here with the colony members you have and if it's ready or not, please PM copherfield with the coordinates :=)

    For the colony leader: 20,000r!
    For the most 5 more helpful colony members: 5,000r!/each one!

    For the most creative colony: 5,000r!

    Besides of getting 20k as price if you win, you will be accepted as a colony leader of the Delta Team and you will recieve Staff benefits also!

    -Q: What if i'm not a member of the Delta Team?
    -A: you can apply but you must accept some terms and become part of the Delta Team (as also your wild base)

    -Q: What if i don't have that much friends on MC?
    -A: You can invite other people to your colony and finish the purposes

    -Q: What if i don't get my colony ready for that time?
    -A: We will still judge it and consider the work done

    -Q: What if I'm member of an Outpost or another guild?
    -A: This is to incentivate people to create bases and join DT, if you are the leader of an outpost or another guild then contact us if you want to partner up!
    - no you can't join if you are member of an outpost or another guild.

    -Q: ?
    -A: :)

    -You may not join if you are part of another guild/outpost without previous consult with both your guild/outpost leader and copherfield
    -If you already have a colony and you would like to be part of this contest you must join the Delta Team
    -Your base will also be called as Delta Team and you will lead your SMP colony (or one of them)
    -You will have to acomplish all the work a DT colony must do
    -You will not apply if your colony does not fill all the standards.

    How many spoilers huh?
    Start making your colony and achieve all the requests (this seems like a survival map or something)
    Once you achieve all of them, send screenshots to proove it (with your friends on it) to copherfield, add the coordinates of the place and a brief description of the colony (how much it took, what it has, who is there and etc)
    Click here to PM copherfield

    Have fun.

    EDIT: Thanks to nab27 for his donation!
  2. Sounds awesome!
  3. hmmm got to contact zulu9 about this lol, and i hope this will increase Wild Outpost in EMC
  4. So epic [starts epic plan to take over the wild]
  5. (so do i :p)
  6. I would love to see more interest, what if i raise the prize? anyone interested in donating for such thing?
  7. i would build a base around the OoO2 if dirkjan23 or sensign let me :p id co-op with someone for smp5 or 8/9
  8. Help me promote this with this sign guys!
  9. Sounds Awesome Q_Q
  10. I like it. Still want to see an official post from zulu about whether the Last Light Outpost is in.
    Good job, copher, hopefully this will get more people out into the wilderness.
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  11. wait, what?
    Idk if zulu would be interested in a partership (it would be epic), but still check all the spoilers b4 writing stuff :p
    specially the:

    -Q: What if I'm member of an Outpost or another guild?
    -A: This is to incentivate people to create bases and join DT, if you are the leader of an outpost or another guild then contact us if you want to partner up!
    - no you can't join if you are member of an outpost or another guild.
    part ;)
  12. I don't have the skill to be in this, but I will certainly be your walking billboard :D
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  13. No, that's what I was talking about. I knew that we wouldn't be able to enter the contest, I was stating that if a partnership were to happen, zulu would have to give the word, as would a majority of the community.
    Sorry that post wasn't as clear.
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  14. Not even because of 20kR people wants to make wild bases?
  15. My team and I are currently setting things up! We're just not quite sure what our MASSIVE project shall be.
  16. I feel like I'm destined to become a proofreader.
  17. Nice :D
  18. I have a small question, to where do the evacuation tunnels let out to? Also what purpose do they serve?

    EDIT: Another question do the coal melons bread and iron have to be in the same chest? Or can they be spread out from chest to chest?

    EDIT AGAIN: Can you send me a picture of an example of a branch mine?
  19. Just going to bump real quick to get my Q's answered *bump*
  20. When in doubt, wiki it.

    EDIT: Also, I would assume an escape tunnel is if for some reason the outpost is overrun and you are trapped in your house be it by fire, lava, or mobs.