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  1. Hey guys names freazing99 i'm on smp5 and i love empire minecraft I think its a really nice idea and i think it will go far. I applaud the guys who made it but i'm just making a suggestion. I along with others on smp5 think it would be kinda cool to have a coliseum. A single place on the servers where players can go and battle. Now their would have to be people watching to make sure no one steals any items, but i think it would be cool if people went and like could place bets on battlers and it could be classified by armor and sword and their could be compitions for a prize and i think it could work really nicely

    Just a thought
  2. Now you are right and wrong-

    Right- The Idea

    Wrong- The way it works

    I used to play on a server who had a custom arena as such and they would have this swearing in kind of thing.... You would do /fight and youwould teleport to a locker room and click a sign that say "Ready?" When at least one person on each team hits the sgin will teleport htem into the arena with a spawned items (i.e. a wooden sword) then when they die or do /submit they teleport to the stands and have al ltheir stuff back.... I don't know if JsutinGuy could do it- but he'd be the one!

  3. that would kind of ruin our no pvp rule.. its a good suggestion, but not for our server.

    my BBcode skills are amazing, right? :p
  4. If this is created it is created in smp 3 babey, SMP3=BEST SERVER FROM EMPIREE