Collecting the history of EMC... and I need your help!

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  1. So, EMC has this lovely timeline. Thanks, xHaro_der!
    This will be useful in my quest for knowledge. Yes, I am recording the history of EMC. What am I looking for? Not just the stuff on the timeline. Other stuff as well. I need you to share everything you know about EMC with me, everything! Thanks to JackBiggin for providing many good points in an ancient thread, and thanks to Haro for the timeline, but I still need more! I may request some private interviews, but you are free to turn these down. Here are some things I want to know more about:
    • The creation of Empire Arenas, such as the old NetherSpleef
    • The creation of the graveyard, park, and amusement park
    • The creation of the mob arena
    • The original founders of KribKraft
    • Early life in the Empire
    • The old Wastelands
    • Early rules on guilds outposts
    • Introduction to Supportership, and further perks that were added
    • Important Updates
    Things like this are very important! Feel free to ask more questions here, but I mainly want info. Give me knowledge, my fine players! Drown me in your knowledge!

    Here are the names of a few chapters in the history that I plan to add (not necessarily in this order):
    EMC Arenas
    An Empire
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  2. The timeline was really a quick skim of info. I originally wanted to add a lot of things, but ICC said it was better to keep it to major events so we removed a bunch of stuff. I could probably fetch you some events of the minority and history on supportership :)
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  3. That would be great, if you really don't mind doing this! If you don't have the time, I am happy to do it myself. Otherwise, that would be amazing!
  4. Yeah, I'll send you a PM most likely tomorrow afternoon on what I find :)
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