[Collecting] Player Written Books

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  1. It appears as though Kephras has gotten me into books written by EMC players like himself. So I have decided to start collecting them! If you have wrote a book, and would like to give to my collection, PM me on the forums!

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  2. Hmm... I should really stop procrastinating and finish my library for books :p
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  3. :D I'll write one especially for you and your collection :p
  4. Yay Tayla :)
  5. If you haven't gotten a copy of "Disturbing Tales" from Seffychan yet, I'd strongly recomend it. :) I also have a copy of some "Minecraft Fables" book Lehmaqr wrote, I'll see about getting him to sign a new copy.
  6. Hmm. Ill get the one from Seffy
  7. :eek: You stole my thread!

    EDIT: I stole your thread...
  8. Cheater!
  9. I'm so sorry...I..I didn't know! *cries in corner*