Cole Inc. Mining/Farming services

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  1. Maybe not.... i'm not a very good buisinessman... would love for this to be closed
    :p sorry for you guys who had expectations

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  4. How do you apply for this or is there no jobs?
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  5. I'm personally more concerned with the product/service you can offer than any pretty building, and I would hire you full time if you are able to produce goods and pay you pretty close to what you'd get for running a mall anyways without you having to build anything or really sell anything. So if you're interested in building a really successful business then why not start with the bare minimum and just start producing things?

    In any case, I need a few things produced so just let me know when you're ready to talk business.
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  6. Y
    There are..
  7. Sounds good! :) I may put up a few chests at 11158 and add move too :)
  8. Just message me when you've got them set up.