Coffee_Bullet And Terrydaterrorist's Enchantment Store!

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  1. Store is Now OPEN!

    Prices are as follows:

    Unbreaking III: 450r SOLD

    Silk Touch I: 3k

    Fortune III, EFF IV: 4k

    Fortune III, EFF IV, Unbr III: 8k

    Unbreaking III EFF III: 1.5k

    Unbreaking III EFF IV: 2k SOLD

    EFF IV: 600r


    Sharpness III: 500r

    Knock Back II, Bane Of Athropods V: 3k

    Smite V, Fire Aspect II: 3.5k

    Sharpness IV Knock-Back II: 3k

    Sharpness III, Knock Back II: 2.5k

    Looting II, Fire Aspect II: 2.75k

    Sharpness IV: 1.5k

    Bane Of Arthropods V: 1.2k

    Smite IV: 1k


    Silk Touch I: 1.5k

    Think it's too much??? Pm us, we might be able to come to an agreement!

    ALL ARE Diamond

    More will be added soon!
    Shop: 1004, SMP1