CoD vs. Battlefield

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Call of Duty or Battlefield

Call of Duty 7 vote(s) 26.9%
Battlefield 11 vote(s) 42.3%
I don't give a flying "______" 2 vote(s) 7.7%
Screw both of them, EMC 4 LYFE! 10 vote(s) 38.5%
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  1. Many people who own a Xbox, PS3, or even a computer (that's how your reading this right) no what Call of Duty and Battlefield. And most of the people in the online gaming community know about this "fanboy war" between both games. Well, since I'm bored and tired of BF3 fanboys, I made this thread for people to argue about which game is better than the other. Right here right now. Full out fanboy flame battle. And if you don't feel like posting a bias opinion today, just answer the poll. Thanks for reading this thread! (Oh and me, I like both games and both series are equally fun in different ways :3)
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  2. Well the funny part about the fanboy war is that it wasn't even started by the fans. It was started by the two companies to try and steal sales from the other( Though I lean on it being more EA, they have a track record of it). I think they are both okay series.
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  3. I will have to say, it's hard to compare two different games, that are going for a totally different objective of gameplay. Personally I like bf3 more because of the huge maps, vehicles, destruction, and team effort needed to win. On the other hand cod is fun for playing some quick games, lot of kills, clans ect.

    Both games have a different feel, battlefield on the more realistic shooter and mw3 on the more arcade shooter. There really isn't a battle of the games it's who's more into what. You have to compare different games with the same idea, besides shooting people and graphics.
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  4. BF3, Bigger maps, Bigger games, Better graphics, Better players, Vehicles, and it's realistic. ("Quickscoping" isn't realistic at all, and doesnt exist on BF3 really. ;) )
    Ps3 too. Much better.
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  5. How about I put it this way. Anyone who says battlefield is realistic is delusional.
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  6. i said more realistic, because compared to mw3, theres more to the game than just small maps a running and gunning, like vehicles and destruction of things, bullet drop ( making it hard to snipe from far distances). no game will ever be completely realistic or whats the point in making it a game, 95% of the people would have some sort of problem on how powerful things are, or how fast you die and so on... its already going on in both games.. but in reality i don't see people shooting like a top marksman all day everyday or living after 10 shots running around like nothing happened.
  7. Agreed :3
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  8. The sounds and noise in Battlefield 3 are the most realistic I've ever experienced second only to ArmA, bar the real thing. My bottom twitched slightly the first time I was behind a wall and had ricochet nearby.

    The repeated swearing, not so real. We had a chat about it when it came out and none of us recall swearing, you don't have time to and only risks confusion and misunderstanding. A pretty poor attempt to sex it up.
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  9. For Console COD

    PC Battlefield
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  10. all of that is true :p but I think the graphics are a bit hit and miss with both the games but BF1-2 were fairly well BAD. so you play Ps3 then?
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  11. Wait, BF1, as in, Battlefield 1942? That game was, and still is, amazing. With the Desert Combat mod it's downright superb.
  12. I'm talking about console (Xbox/PS3 -.- that is why...
  13. xbox 360 has the HD pack making it 1080p
  14. Tbh imo you cant compare the games they are both great but both play in very different ways cod is much faster and less realistic which some prefer and others prefer the realism of battlefield they are both great games and i enjoy playing both of them (although i find bf less frustrating :D) they are both a blast to snipe on and a easy way to pass time
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  15. After reading all the posts I was going to argue about something........ going to play BF3 more
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  16. Shot in the head with a pistol? Walk it off. Shot in the foot with a high-caliber rifle? Dead instantly.
  17. Well in my personal opinion i prefer CoD over BF3. I have played both games (however i have only played Battle field: bad company 2) and honestly i did not really enjoy my time while playing. It seemed to me that there was not much action going on in that game. And yes im sure that BF3 is much better than previous ones (as they are supposed to be better than the previous, though not always true) I will probably always like CoD.
    And to add another fact, although i do agree that there are things in MW3 (and other cod games) they need to fix, i hate people who sit there and complain about the game, anything they can think of, because they suck (INCLUDING battlefield). I've heard numerous excuses, then they take it out on the game because they aren't doing well.
    Anyways... I pick CoD because i am more into the Arcade type shooter game ;)
  18. I read this just now, It points out many things, I would also like to add that the engine for MW3 and most recent games in the COD series, hasn't changed a whole lot, they barely changed the engine since CoD 3. CoD also has aim assist on MP, where as BF3 does not. So if you got "skillz" on MW3, turn off aim assist and try agian ( if you haven't already but most people never turn it off, and I have never heard of anyone turning it off in my life xD )

    BF3 > MW3 still IMO
  19. I like all the games listed but minecraft beats them all
  20. I turn auto aim off its too easy trust me its a challeng without it But i still get a plus 1.5 kd so im happy :3