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  1. was just wondering if any one else played mw2 or is planning on gettiing mw3 when its realease and if so PC or console i have mw2 for pc
  2. What does it matter? BF3 all the way LOL jk
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  3. can not kid about battlefield it is the most sacred game to ever hit the face of the planet! and on that note naw cod is old same engine the past 5 years no changes to it other than minor graphic changes gun changes and perk changes
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  4. I couldnt agree more mate, but u see cdboi and i know each other in life, starting an argument about cod or battlfield is like starting the end of the world, so hence the "jk" I love battlefield.
  5. So mate, you getting the pre order Battlefield 3 limited edition physical warfare pack? Cus i sure as hell am !!!!
  6. i got it mr2 :D ! payed the rest of it off yesterday! can't wait for monday at midnight us-central time! my life shall be complete until nov 11...then it will be fully complete unless a timesplitters 4 comes out....then my dreams have come true ^_^

    ps.wowi am more of a nerd than i thought xDDDD
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  7. hmmm if only i had the money i would be getting BF3
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  8. who needs money when i have mom to lend my the $ :D now i got bf3 soo keen to intall it but needa wait till after exams
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