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  1. Hey there! I love to build in Minecraft. Its my favourite thing of all the things you can do in Minecraft and is what I think Minecraft revolves around, and I like my designs. Sure, probably NOBODY will be as good as Eclipsys. But I would like to do what I like in Minecraft for other people.

    I am currently not accepting builds on
    • SMP1 - I live in the wild there and i'm pretty far out and only pay occasional visits to the town.
    • SMP7 - I live in at the Last Light Outpost there.
    I take building requests for
    • SMP2
    • SMP3 (although it will be done slower as my residence is there)
    • SMP4
    • SMP5
    • SMP6
    • SMP8
    • SMP9
    • Utopia (Is more pricey though due to the huge residences)
    The worlds I do not take requests for:

    • Nether (It could get griefed and I would have wasted my time and you would have wasted your rupees)
    • Wild (It could get griefed and I would have wasted my time and you would have wasted your rupees)
    This is a WIP world I'm making on a superflat terrain. I'm making it for someone's adventure map but they need to copy/paste it in with a world editor.

    And this used to be at my residence:

    I called it 'The snowflake project'.

    A small build:
    Costs 500r

    A medium build:
    Costs 1,000r

    A large build:

    A super large build:
    4,000r (Utopian residences ONLY!)

    What are you waiting for? Order a build now!
    I only take orders via PM. Send me a rough idea of what you want done, supply the materials, I'll build it and then I decide the build type (how many rupees it costs).
  2. Sounds like a cool building service. You seem like a very talented builder :)
  3. Also, if you want an order for the type of garden i've made in the screenshot, i'd be happy to build it for you and it is a small build :)
  4. Thank ye :D You seem like a professional golfer.
    Nice guinea pig :D
  5. :) thanks the guinea pig is Pepper, hes only about 1.5y years old. Hes fat though... lol
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  6. My brother had 2 guinea pigs, but they got lung cancer and died after 6 months of life :(
  7. :( thats so sad they died :( I hope mine lives a full life of 8 years :)
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  8. My dog's name is Pepper :D I've had her for 6 years.
  9. I might have a project want a garden in my courtyard, it would small build level
  10. Bumpitty bumpidy bump.
  11. do you do interior decorating? I'm on SMP 1. I'd like some exterior and interior decorating. I'd pay quite a bit due to the size of my castle. I'll pay more for you to come back from the wildy :)