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  1. Should it smelt all my cobble into stone? Then my stone into StoneBricks? I have a lot of cobble from diamond mineing and it is filling up chests
  2. It won't matter because it still would take up the same amount of space (I think). Tell me if I'm wrong.
  3. It would but would stone be more cost effeninct then cobble? should i convert it to stone and stonebricks for useage? Looks? or leave it as cobble
  4. Stone is not "cost efficient" since you are burning coal, or charcoal to make it. As a look, i like cobble more than stone, but brick more than cobble.
  5. If your not sure make 1/3 of it stone, 1/3 as cobble and te rest stone bricks and then sell to me at 4269 smp2. :)
  6. What is your price for bricks and stone?
  7. Um not sure but they are quite high but they are around like 56r a stack :) I dunno check it out plz :) smp2 4269
  8. Btw my price for bricks is 62 s and for stone it's 58 s
  9. You can sell cobble, stone or stone bricks at 12534 smp6 :)