Cobblestone Generator for sale!

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  1. I have been researching on how to make the best automatic cobble generator out there without all these huge clocks and all these huge buildings just to house them. I have a cobblestone generator available on the market, there is a private class and a business class. The private class features a smallish generator that can support up to 2 people. The business class showcases a medium-ish size generator that can support up to 6 people.

    Here are some features that you might like:
    Private Class:
    • Smallish size can be stowed away in a small underground bunker.
    • Generates more cobblestone than the average non-automatic and automatic cobblestone generator.
    • AndrewBuchinger approved!
    • Can support up to 2 people if you have a friend!
    • Only costs 350R including the supplies!
    Business Class:

    • Mediumish size can be stowed away in a underground factory area.
    • Generates 3x more cobblestone than the average non-automatic and automatic cobblestone generator. (Depends on your pickaxe)
    • AndrewBuchinger approved!
    • Can support up to 6 people if you have workers!
    • Only costs 650R including supplies!
    • 2nd floor can be added!
    Adding layers is available! Business class is 125R for a new layer and Private class is 85R for a new layer, and again all supplies included.
    An extra fee applies if you live outside SMP2. Message me or reply to this topic if you are interested.
  2. i am ordering a Business class gen with a new layer, i am on 4090@smp2 will be on in an hour
  3. Can i have both of it with 2 layer more upgrade? That' 1420 right?
    My plot is 4267 smp2
    And 5049 on utopia ( prefer to build here)
  4. When can you be online?
  5. In an hour
  6. Do you have these set up on your res so i can check them out? or point me to where one is built want to see what it looks like before i decide i want one
  7. Im online.
  8. I don't like your global -move flag on your residence. I can't look at your cobble gen now.
  9. Can you show it to me first?
  10. I think he don't want others to X-ray his design
  11. Yes please do visit me I have closed my res due to people jumping around and going everywhere. I will try to make a design that's underground so I can show you but for now I'll open my residence publicly. You may visit it's res 3607.
  12. Your cobblestone generator has been finished! Also I didn't plan to install the advance engines so when you come online ill give you your 200R back unless you want me to keep it and next time when I perfected my advance engine I can just install it for you without paying me in the future. Also can I use your cobblestone generator that I made in utopia cause there's no lag there.
  13. Sure. And u can keep the 200 for future upgrade of the gen.
    I'll leave u build perm.
  14. I'd like a private class generator installed, please! I'm on smp4, lot 9251
  15. Sure I'll get right to it soon as I can!
  16. cant see the generators... -move flag... how can i buy something idk how it looks like or its size?