cobblestone generator 5x5x4

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  1. ok as the title states i made a new cobblestone generator which 5 blocks wide, 5 blocks long, and 4 blocks high. This cobblestone generator can use less than 100 any noncombustible blocks and 3 signs.
    so the front should look like this: X=BLOCKS, O=AIR, S=SIGNS

    Then the inside should look like:

    then back should like the front only a complete wall with a hole that is 2nd from the top and 3rd from right or left.

    Now if done correctly, you be able to (if facing the front) put water on the left hole and lava to the right hole. the water should got straight down and being blocked by the signs and you can walk in the generator and mine the cobblestone without worry about redstone or hoppers to gather it.

    and yes this is a cobblestone generator without redstone and/or hoppers. I don't know if someone already made this but i just like to say that if can't afford hoppers or redstone. then this generator will help.

    well hope this helps l8rz
  2. Does the T style generator not work anymore? Or is this another method of cobble generation?
  3. this just another method while the T style is good in the begining it is not very product. As i said before this one is for the time you need cobblestone and have no redstone to make a machine.