Cobblestone Factory -- Minecraft Advanced Cobblestone Generator -- 99.9% Collection Ratio

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by pateraterick, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. i found this on youtube, and it is amazing..
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  2. I will Want To Try it Hope It Works For Me
  3. yes i works, check it out at 4090 smp2
  4. it is amazing how he thought of this idea!
  5. I build these. I've improved the redstone clock and added a control panel. In that model the clock tended to go to quick for the cobble to generate, and it would stop working. Currently my only working model was destroyed, but when RaysonTech re-opens, I'll have a model and I will start taking orders. Just something for you to look forward too!
  6. i use a detector based generator, timing isnt a problem for me XD
  7. I'm working on a cobble gen that will be ridiculously big. It might not be efficient, but it will sure look good. :)
  8. i've tried out quite a few cob. gen. designs and so far... non of em came close to harvesting speed of plain old wilderness mining.
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  9. Woah, that looks epic, cool find mate! Will try it out soon :)
  10. Vnice. Going to build one of these for sure.
  11. That is pretty awesome!