1. im looking to buy about 100 stacks for cheep ish cobble is almost free to get so its what ya time is worth pleas leave messege how mutch ya got and how mutch you want for it
  2. OR..... you can go into the wild and get it in a hour and a half/ two hours...
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  3. much, not "mutch". sorry that was kind of bugging me:)
  4. orr u could stop being a troll:confused:?
  5. Its not trolling. You get it for free. I don't get why so many people buy stuff they could get easily for free.
  6. dude he isnt trolling.its the truth
  7. coz i dont want to waste 2hours when i can buy it and stay on topic
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  8. well im just saying i believe hes asking to buy cobble not asking whether he should go in the wild and mine it