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  1. Hello EMC i am looking for a experienced co ceo for my shop. You must be a supporter that is not broke. Also you would need to have experience of owning or co working a shop. If this fits you please respond back and i will see if you are the perfect person for this job.
  2. Hi DaBoss1324,
    I am not a supporter but hav some money. I have worked for Jeanzl2000, bucky291, Latinoseb, and more. I would love to have a possition at your shop.
    Thank You And Have A Nice Day,
  3. how many rupees do u have
  4. I have 35k :D just spent 15k XD
  5. are you interested in a job for me?
  6. what have i got to do again?
  7. just like help supply and help build. also you can work in pricing my store
  8. would i get money?
  9. Are you in nfell2009 i would like to hire you in my shop because you are the perfect fit.
  10. yes you would get money but as i get more rupees i can hire your pay.
  11. :) are you in?
  12. Huh so do i get pay? or money from selling??
  13. you will get 100r a week whenever i am on and you can help price my store. As i get more rupees your salary with get higher.
  14. Meh give it to the other guy
  15. he does not fit the description
  16. he is not a supporter
  17. So would you like the job
  18. Why do you want someone that is a supporter? And also, please don't double, or in this case triple post.
  19. yes i nee someone that is a supporter so i know that they are not really that broke. Also sorry for posting multiples of it.