Clueless with piston doors!

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  1. I wanted to snazz up my house, but i hit a snag. I dont know how to get a piston to always have its platform extended until activated by a pressure plate which you spawn on. Plz help! :/

    - Lun4
  2. I can help with it, where are you located?
    It's actually simple mech, just a redstone torch working as inversor, i made a 8x2 door with this mech :)

    Edit: yeah i saw what you want to do, please come online in order for me to help you :)
  3. Perfect! Im on smp.4 at res 8939. I partially started it, but havent finished, so it is ugly and visible. :)

    - Lun4
  4. Im on now! Sorry for the delay.

  5. I can help If you need any help,
    Im really good at these kinds of things.
  6. Sure, im on at 8939 on smp.4 all help is appreciated

    - Lun4
  7. Problem is fixed now!

    Thx to copherfield!
  8. Solved like a boss.
    Np lun4rx, ready to help, always :)
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  9. Alright, it's working now.

    Edit: ninja'd.
  10. hahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahaa :D:D:D::D:D::D:D

    You just made my day mate :D
  11. Haha lol:)