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  1. i have made the game of clue on my res and need 19 people to sign up to play the winner gets 5 diamonds and i have written a riddle for the clues of it that i will post after i have all of the contestants so plz just comment that you want to play to sign up. we will decide the time after everyone has signed up. if u want to check the game out before you sign up go to my res on smp5
  2. i want to join
  3. i only need 19 people because i already have 1 player
  4. It was the doctor!:p
  5. lol do u want to join
  6. ok cool :D
  7. ok
  8. LOL there is no doctor in clue!
  9. Then it was the murderer!
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  10. Good job, captain obvious :3
  11. Your welcome, Sargent sarcasm.
  12. lols
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  13. I thought it was always the butler.
    I would also like to play.
  14. ill play!

    IT WAS DOTD1997!!!!
  15. What came first the chicken or the egg?
  16. Join Join Join!!

  17. Question: Where do u go to the start from?!
  18. The egg because I have it for breakfast.
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