Club Wicked Coming Soon!

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Are you Thrilled for Club Wicked?

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  1. Welcome to Club Wicked!

    Are you tired of just mining and building? Do you just want to relax and go party with your friends? Well, Now you can!

    Club Wicked will offers weekly party's to the EMC community!

    Now you might ask yourself? Umm...How will you be able to party to old boring minecraft music or laggy noteblocks?

    Well, Good thing I am a smart cookie! :)

    Every week I will have a custom resource pack for my party. This pack will let you listen to the music for the party :)

    I will be having drop party's at my party's lol and giving away special items!

    If you want to check out my club, It's on SMP9 at 19399!

    The grand opening will be in about two weeks! So keep an eye out for posts!

    I hope your just as thrilled as I am!

    So have a great day EMC!
  2. This seems like a fun thing for EMC community! I can't wait! :D
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  3. This looks like something AWESOME ill donate some stuff for the drop party
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  4. Thanks! and Bump!
  5. I think my pizzeria that I am building will be a little more fun ;P
  6. We will see :)
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  7. Do you think you can get it done in time for prom? We are having a prom on Empire aren't we? I think I might have a date.
  8. idk if we do. Haven't been on here for long so i couldnt say
  9. So you are saying I should host prom?