Cloud Runner - Race/Parkour

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  1. Hi Empire,
    This post is about the new 'race' game i have made on my res, smp1 (1308). If you race with 2 - 3 people, the winner gets a prize of 2 iron ingots, and if you race with 4 + people, the winner gets 1 diamond! Please check it out and post reviews (preferably good ones xD) on this post. Thanks!
  2. Co-owners of Cloud Runner are AJJking10 and coffee_bullet.
  3. sounds cool! *wishes I had a faster PC so I could play some parkour* I might try it sometime! :D
  4. :D Please tell others i need more competitors :)
  5. sure I'll tell smp4 that should be enough XD
  6. Sounds cool! Wait... I work there :)