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Do you like Perks?

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  1. Recently I've noticed that more and more people want to join the sacred Cloud Army. If you are unfamiliar with the Cloud army, it goes something like this. Everyday there is a new benefit or perk or bonus on my resses. For example, a good I offer that is not in my shop could be 50r off for Cloud Army members. Since this is a privilege, I decided that it shouldn't be just given out willie nillie. So I've created a for to apply for the Cloud army on. Thanks!\
    P.S. If you are already in the Cloud Army, you will have to be taken down if a recruit. Sorry, but I need time to think this over. You can still apply again though.
  2. Also feel free to say hi in game
  3. BringUpMyPost!
  4. Yes I like perks. What is a cloud army?
  5. As explained up there, it is an organization basically. When you are at any of my resses, you get special perks. For example, 50r off any non shop purchase. Also, we will sometimes have mining nights, where we all go out mining. It is based on smp7, but you could still be in it if you'd like. There is no charge to join, just fill out the form in the link above.
  6. BUMP cause I can't be tamed. Yehaw