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  1. Item: Power V, Sharpness V, 3 Silk Touch 1, 2 Fortune III, Looting III, Protection IV
    Starting Bid: 3k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 100k
    Auction Ending: 24hr
    Pickup: 15158 smp7
  2. Should I pay and pick up? I think I got this one locked down. :p
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  3. Invalid, it is hard to tell what the item is
    Pickaxe? Sword? Armor?

    Please correct me if I'm wrong
  4. it is books
  5. Ok I see on thank you for the clarification
  6. All options are free
  7. No title, description is lacking detail, silly increment. And the spam in-game. Kill this thing off please.
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  8. Yes but the minimum bid increment is 100k? like 100,000r?
  9. 100k=100,000r
    • You must post full details of your auction in the OP. If you forget any detail, use the report button to alert the staff team. Include the missing information in the report reason.
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  10. PM me and ill fix it for you. Are the all books ? would you like a title ? ends 24 hours from post or last bid ?
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  11. change of auction minimum bid increasemint is 5k
  12. WHat does this mean ?
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