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  2. you can respond here, or personal message me if you are interested! :D
  3. - thank you netherspecter
  4. - thank you generalwillikers
  5. - thank you tuqueque
  6. Wats still left?
  7. everything still in the first post? lol
    i'm taking away the things that have been purchased from the list!
  8. Thanks
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  9. Would you accept 80k, a stack of Cupid Arrows and an unopened Cupid Bundle for the Diamond Voter sword?
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  10. yus :)
  11. How much for the iron sword?
  12. whatever you think it is worth :)
  13. 40k for the iron shovel?
  14. iron shovel is gone. just sold it!
  15. sure thing! go ahead and send payment and i can mail it to you!
  16. I'll be on later tonight to pay
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  17. i'll mail it now, in case i am asleep when you pay!
  18. How much for everything that's left?
  19. you offer :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.