[CLOSED] The_Boulder Head (Not Pebble)

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Stnywitness, May 16, 2020.



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    Hello everyone! I am selling a The_Boulder head.
    This is NOT his alt head, The_Pebble. I am asking for 1 million for it rn. If you are interested, PM me. Not really looking for trades a whole lot, but if you want to, you can ask.

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  2. Bump!
    Lowered price from 1.2 mil to 1.1 mil.
  3. Bumperoo! I would trade this head for some mineral mincers! (to lower price)
  4. I am lowering this head to 1 million rupees!
    Mineral mincers can be given to lower price. :)
  5. Bump! Still 1 Million!
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