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  1. I need an edit for this pack.

    Its not the pack that needs an edit, its the "Default Addon" near bottom of main post, there is some weird thing with the GUI that is bothering me.

    This pack IS a 64x64 version of Faithful that looks cooler...I WANT it.


    I want those little white dots/lines or something removed. If possible the top letters Ragecraft Faithful can also be moved.

    There will be a 10,000 rupee reward to who can edit this and provide me a DL link through PM on this site. :)

  2. I just installed that texture pack and mine looks fine...

  3. If someone can make that with clear GUIs, I'll send them 5k.
  4. Penguin got the fix for the dots, however Anypack Optimizer makes the hotbar clear so Penguin is doing that for me.

    Anyone who is using the same layout and wants the DL when Penguin sends it to me.... lmk :)

    Thread can now be closed.
  5. There is a clear GUI addon for the pack.

    However those glass pane streaks in the clear GUI could be annoying.
  6. Need anything more for the texture pack, or do you have other people helping you now?
  7. Nothing needed now, but I suspect you are able to do most things so I will contact you from here on out :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.