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  1. Sorry for the long list, but I don't know how to make a collapsible section so here goes.

    Attention high end shop owners.

    There are enough items here to fill your shelves and give you a nice supporter upgrade. Feast your eyes:

    Whole Chest Quantities
    1 x DC Torches
    1 x DC Quartz Slabs
    1 x DC Spruce Logs
    1 x DC Quartz Blocks
    1 x DC Nether Quartz Ore
    1 x DC Wheat
    1 x DC Pumpkin
    1 x DC Steak
    2 x DC Glass
    1 x SC Iron Barding
    1 x SC Gold Barding
    1 x DC Packed Ice
    1 x DC Stone
    2 x DC Netherrack
    1 x DC Soul Sand
    2 x DC Redstone
    1 x DC Lapis Lazuli
    1 x DC Iron
    1 x DC Emerald
    1 x DC Coal

    Cupid (unbundled):
    - =- Cupid -=
    - Arrow 5 stacks
    - Bow
    1 x Magical Eggcellent Wand

    1 x Dancer unopened
    2 x Dancer opened
    2 x Pi Pie
    1 x Holiday Candle 2014
    1 x Taste the Freedom

    1 x Pot of Gold
    1 x Empire Firework New Years 2014
    1 x Labor Bench 2014
    1 x ESCD
    1 x Ham Hacker

    Epic Stuffs

    5 x Beacon
    2 x Vault Voucher
    1 x Diamond Support Voucher
    Bidding starts: 1 200 000 Rupees (1.2 million)
    Minimum Increment: 10 000 Rupees (10 thousand)
    Bidding Ends: 48 hours after last valid bid
    Pickup via access signs after payment received at /v codemonkie (will consider delivering to town for 5k if needed, but not preferred)
    Preview signs have been set up. Go to /v codemonkie and drop down two floors. There are 18 chests of goodies in their most condensed form.
  2. Here's a hint: (Without the spaces)
    [ Spoiler ]
    Spoiler content goes here.
    [/ Spoiler ]
    After that, it will look something like this:
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  3. Bump. Thanks for the tip jay2a!
  4. The iron emerald and gold. Ore, Ingot/Gem, or Block?
  5. They are ingots in block form

  6. So they are a DC of ingots not blocks ?
  7. Yes. I will post a screenshot tonight when I log in. They are a DC of units(iron ingots, lapis lazuli pieces, redstone dust, pieces of coal, emeralds), but I have blocked them up into 6 stacks of blocks for ease of transport. Sorry for any confusion.
  8. Thanks all for your interest. Time to party!
    2015-05-15_20.13.47.png 2015-05-15_20.14.26.png
  9. this an auction?
  10. Yes. This is an auction. If you can afford to please feel free to set an opening bid.
  11. Bump. If there are no bids by tonight I will be closing the auction. Someone is going to miss out on a steal.
  12. this offer is not a steal. I've added the price of all the items up and it doesn't come out to 1.2 mil
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  13. As A Promo Hoarder and Knowing prices, This doesn't add up to 1.2Mil. I'm sorry to say that.
  14. yeah, it may be a max of 1 mil and thats if you are charging max price for all of the promos. Im saying if you want this auction to be successful, start it at 250k, and put a minimum bit increase of 1000r.
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  15. Please bid or ask questions about the auction. If you can't find the value here move on. Thanks.
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  16. Invalid bi, the bidding start at 1.2 mil
  17. Last hour bump. If no bids at the 48 hour mark I'm shutting down the auction. Strike while the iron is hot!
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  18. Removing auction. Thanks for all the interest!

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