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  1. Hello, one and all! I am looking for partners in my new business venture.

    I'm building a mall. A rather decently sized one, with the goal of selling every item you'd expect to find in a mall, except I don't want to stock all of it. I don't want to maintain it.

    So here's the vision: Each floor/section/category of items is a subzone. And that subzone is "owned" by a player that maintains it. They have their own shop signs, chests, and the flags to access these things. None of the money from these items ever goes through me, I don't set the prices, and I don't monitor the stock. The player that maintains and profits from that area handles all of that.

    With a mall that is this large and (hopefully) well maintained because the work isn't on just one player, every shopkeeper benefits. I'll advertise on behalf of the entire mall, and with all the foot traffic on the res we'll have enough purchases being made that everyone benefits. It'll have your normal teleport lobby, and that'll help too.

    I don't have a specific list of things I want other people to work on - I'm throwing this idea into the world and letting you come to me.

    So, if you specialize in something you'd like to stock, please feel free to contact me. The project won't be ready until I've done a little more building and get an appropriate supporter voucher redeemed to put all the subzones in. Right now, I'm gauging interest.
  2. Bump! We now have two interested vendors :)
  3. Bump! Still very interested in an enchantment/potions master, and there's plenty of spaces for other adventures! It'd also be really cool to have someone who sells pretty banners/maps :)
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  4. I'm interested. I specialize in Pumpkins/P pies/Jack o Lanterns | Honey/honeycomb/hives/bees/honey blocks right now for large number items.
    I also have a sizeable trading hall and will have glass, diamond/iron weapons (with some enchants), weapon enchants. So once I have my villagers zombied/cured I'll be able to stock these in large #s.
    Smaller numbers would be melons/glistening melons, golden carrots/carrots, and iron.
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  5. One of my side projects that I was putting together once I got extra time is frontier advertisement. Basically with the name (grimm Pantalones) It was going to be a massive pair of pants (with my TM skull codpiece) or a open casket with pants in it, then advertising my shop.
    Moreover related to this was the idea of putting together a 'Starter Pack' that is 10x better than the default EMC pack. The idea is that since noobs get X rupees you charge like 1000 and they get a solid set of stuff (basic enchanted iron tools/armor, a stack of some things (cobblestone/wood/charcoal/torches/etc). It isn't meant to be comprehensive, just a 'endcap' style piece for impulse buys from new players. Many players come/go from EMC, and even though a small % may stay you can still get sales from the others; get some of those and it adds up. THEN for those that stay YOUR SHOP is one they've used from the very beginning and hopefully you create brand awareness/customer loyalty through the rest of your sales.
    This is a RL approach to retail, and kinda a subtle (rough) breakdown of the idea behind it.

    Anyways that's my idea. If we use it cool (as a group), if somebody else does a small rupee donation to Grimm_Pantalones would be appreciated for 'creative consulting' of this (as I really haven't seen it done yet).
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  6. Hey, I could def set up a potion master type shop! let me know if you're interested.
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  7. Very interested in seeing supply some of these items ;) Will PM you to discuss details!

    Don't have anyone doing potions yet! I will PM you to discuss what area of the shop you'd like to set up in :)
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  8. hi, I could set up a shop that sells bulk of random things (sweet berries, snow, bamboo, Ect) for very cheap.
  9. Hi! Thank you for your interest. This project, while still something I have great hopes for, has currently been put on hold. Initially, there were some issues with communication between the people I had recruited and myself. I am working on finishing a couple other projects, and becoming increasingly less active with being moved back to remote learning at school. When all is quieter and I am ready to play more consistently, I will make a new thread and start the project back up. In the meantime, you can always start your own shop or auction the materials you have :)
  10. closing thread by request :)
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