[Closed] [Selling] Sugarcane/Paper (SC & DC)

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  1. Hey EMC,
    Today I present to you my new service, I am selling sugarcane/paper. To order, simply comment saying the quantity, price and pickup. Please note that you can only order up to 15 double chests at a time.

    Single Chest: 340 rupees.
    Double Chest: 670 rupees - Save 10 rupees!

    Single Chest - 390 rupees.
    Double Chest - 780 rupees - Save 10 rupees!

    After every 5 double chests, the 6th will be half price! Once your order is ready to pick up, you will pay the sufficient amount of rupees to me and pickup at 15114, SMP7.
  2. I want 5 DC plz
  3. Alright, would you like a 6th one for half-price?
  4. Where do, or when do i pick up?
  5. I'll take 6 dcs of paper
  6. Pickup is at 15114. And I'll tell you when it's ready.
    Ok. I'll get to your order after General's.
  7. Ok. No rush

    -oh the emeralds I'll get!!-
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  8. Your order is ready to pick up at 15114. I had one problem, your full name didn't fit on the sign - do you know if it still works or how to fix it?
  9. turn move off and do access everyone (let him on the res and make sure no one else can reach the chests) :p
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  10. Alright, if he's unable to access the chests, I'll try this. :p
  11. So can we order in bulk and order an example of 30 Dcs or somewhere around that number?
  12. Sorry, but you can only order up to 15 DCs at a time - you can order 15, then 15 after your order has been completed.
  13. 15 DCs of Paper at 9720r :)
    If I can pay extra for delivery let me know.
  14. Okey dokey! I'll get to work soon!
  15. Order ready. Your subtotal is:
    5 DCs + 50r each DC = 3600r
    1 DC/2 = 335r
    = 3935r

    There was a change of plans for your access chest, it is now setup at 14984 as the other room is under construction.
  16. Ok I'll come pick it up some time in the next couple days
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  17. paid, will pick up soonishish
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  18. My order almost ready?
  19. Your order is ready to pickup - sorry, but I do not do delivery at the moment. Your subtotal is:
    15 double chests = 11,700 rupees.
    Discount = 1,170 rupees.
    = 10,530 rupees.

    Also, sorry about the wait, I've been having some internet problems at the moment, I'm also really busy. The pickup has also changed to 14984.
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