[CLOSED] [Selling] Purple People Party Paper

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  1. Just shoot offers at me here on this thread. I think I have a general idea of their value according to Mumble people.
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  2. how much where you thinking as i dont know the cost, as i have not been on much, been so busy with house work :p
  3. Aren't they like 400k + ? lol idk. I gave one away at a mini dp :p
  4. They are...
  5. Woah... I'm way too poor..
  6. Any offers? Please only post if you have offers.
  7. Bump for possible offers in areas from Europe/Australia Time Zones.
  8. Imma leave this up for another 6 Hours ish before selling to a private buyer for a undisclosed amount. So if you fancy this item, 6 hour window to make offers before its too late and sold off.
  9. Bump. Im selling this in 1 hour 5 minutes.
  10. How much are you looking for?
  11. Asking price is 750k - Though I am considering other offers. Please post here if you want to offer.
  12. This will sounds absolutely ridiculous but my offer is 200k :3
  13. Is the offer for the PPPP still on ?
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  14. Look at the date.. If you really must confirm, please PM and not bump such an old thread.
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  15. No - Was sold to Pascal1881 for 650k about 4 months ago.

    Since this was bumped, I think I will get it closed so it doesn't happen again
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.