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  1. ok so lets get to it. heres what im selling and what i would like to get
    Diamond Supporter Voucher 550k
    Note these are not final i am willing to negotiate
    Shop signs at 19202 Smp9
  2. hi can i trade you the magical eggcenlent wand for a promo of same price?
  3. I am mostly looking for rupees.
  4. oh i see il get back to you when il get the rupees
  5. 2013 Turkey Slicer has been sold
  6. I will take the Spooky Egg. :)
  7. Once Paid i will mail you the spooky egg
  8. Paid you just now.
  9. Sent
  10. Bump lowered prices for Iron Supp voicher, Maxarian Head, Dragon Stone, and cooked turkey
  11. Cooked Turkey Has been Sold!
  12. Can you hold the iron voucher for 100k for me?
  13. Yes i can
  14. Dancer Has been Sold!
    Edit: Also i have set up shop signs at 19202 smp9 head down the stairs to the left.
  15. Dragon Stone has been Sold
    Added Holiday Candle
  16. Added 4 Beacons 19k each at 19202 smp9
  17. Maxarian Head has been sold!
  18. Magical eggcellent wand for 15k?
  19. Sorry for inconvienance, you can scratch that, I unfortunately will be leaving emc, for quite a while at least to pursue my career, again sorry.
  20. OK its OK. Good luck I hope you succeed!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.