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Discussion in 'Selling' started by RaiinNL, Aug 21, 2016.

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  1. Selling:

    ( 0 ) Enraged zombie - 18,000 rupees
    ( 2 ) Regular villager - 35 rupees
    ( 2 ) Enraged Guardian - 24,000 rupees


    /v 12757 on SMP6

    NickBlockmaster and I will try to get more in stock!

    (*) = in stock
    The spawn eggs are the new ones! See pictures!

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  2. That went fast.. Sold out for now.
    We will try to re-stock asap! :)
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  3. Added:

    1 Enraged Guardian.
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  4. can i claim like the next enraged zombie plz :p
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  5. And again..
    Sold out.
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  6. Added:
    1 Enraged zombie

    There is a enraged guardian on his way, so keep an eye out on that! :D
  7. Sold out!
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  8. And the promised Enraged Guardian is in stock!
    Only 1, so be quick! :)
  9. Enraged guardian is still in stock!

    We will add regular villagers in the future. :)
  10. In stock:
    1 Enraged Guardian
    16 Regular Villagers
  11. I'll buy the 16 Regular Villagers please
  12. You can buy them at /v 12757 on smp6 :)
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  13. Added 1 Enraged Guardian!

    Two in stock now! :D
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