[closed] [SELLING] Emerald Blocks

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  1. The deal is pretty simple I'm selling stacks (64) of emerald blocks.

    Current Stock: 25 stacks
    Current Price: 5,000r per stack

    If you want to buy any amount just leave a message on this thread or pm me with how much you want and I'll respond ASAP.
  2. Got 4 more stacks in stock!
    Lowered the price to 7,500r per stack!
  3. I've added more stock and lowered the price to 5,000r per stack.
    This is the lowest I'm going and after this week this thread will be gone!
  4. This is your last chance to get some emerald blocks they will be gone on December 18th!
  5. Closing thread due to op's request.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.