[closed] Selling - DONKEY Starter Horse

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  1. Mainly for museum owners and collectors. PM me offers. Looking for cash only.

    Sold, for reference the sale price was 45k.
  2. can these still be found? i still have a bunch of unopened eggs, if i tried them would i have a chance of getting one of these? or was this fixed?
  3. I actually don't know lol
  4. How much roughly you looking for it?
  5. Are they not common?
  6. These are rare?
  7. Originally the only way to get these was the Dispenser glitch, but it was fixed so I believe you can no longer get Starter Horse donkeys.
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  8. you get them when you start emc
  9. Rofl
    I already payed Haro for it anyway
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  10. Mailing.

    For reference to anyone wanting to buy/sell any of these, the sale price was 45k.
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  11. closed per request
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