[CLOSED][SELLING] All My Promos/Special Items

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  1. Hey all :p

    I want to get some of the money I spent recently back, so here I go:

    Items I am selling:

    1 Diamond Supporter Voucher (price is 400k each, not negotiable)
    13 spooky eggs (price is 28k each, negotiable)
    7 feast for a king papers (price is 21k each, negotiable)
    1 holiday candle (price is 10k, negotiable)
    2 2014 IDay fireworks (price is 24k, negotiable)
    7 2014 Empire Fireworks (price is 16k, negotiable)
    5 Headless Horseman mask (price is 25k, not negotiable)
    2 2013 Haunted Heads (30k each, negotiable)
    3 2014 Labor Benches (Sold, paid for)
    1 Regular Dragon Egg (Sold, paid fort)
    1 Blizz Ard nose (Sold, paid for)
    20 beacons (18k each, negotiable)
    1 ESCD (25k, negotiable)
    1 2014 IDay boots chest (50k, negotiable)
    1 2014 freedom blade chest (45k, negotiable)
    1 Rememberance Poppy (15k, negotiable)
    2 Maxarian heads (20k each, negotiable)
    1 Dancer egg, unused (25k, negotiable)
    1 Magical Eggcelent Wand (Sold, paid for)
    1 Avalauncher (350k, negotiable)

    Thanks all :p
  2. I'll take the Candle please :) I'll come on and pay now!
  3. got any horses?
  4. :p Promo horses, no, sorry.
  5. Awe that sucks. Thanks for responding though.
  6. Bump :p Lots of nice items waiting to be in your hands here!
  7. Added Blizz Ard nose to the list :p and this is also a bump
  8. Bump, lots of fine items waiting to be ripped out of my hands.
  9. Bump :p remember that most of the prices of the items are negotiable!
  10. Can I buy 3 spooked eggs for 25k each?
  11. :p May we discuss this in-game?
  12. Hmm I really want those vouchers but I don't have that kind of money XD
  13. :p I am accepting trades although I much prefer full rupee payment xD
  14. Can I reserve a diamond supporter voucher? It might take a while for me to pay, but I'll save up as quickly as possible - I have 141k atm
  15. :p Can't reserve it, sorry. First come first serve.
  16. yea you told me lol :p
  17. Yes :p I'll be on in about 7-8 hours :3
  18. Bump :p take em all of my hands.
  19. :D
  20. Can I have the voucher? Will trade for 10 emeralds and 2000r.
    I'm a newbie but I really like Empire Minecraft!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.