[Closed] [Reverse Auction] DC of gold ingots

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  1. Item: DC of gold ingots
    Starting Bid: 35 000
    Minimum Bid Decrease: 250
    Auction Ending Time: Two weeks from 16/11/2014 48 hours after last valid bid.

    Edit: End time changed at request of OP.
  2. Wait, two weeks!?
  3. Is it possible to take back a bid *heh heh*
  4. 0r. I win unless u are counting negatives
  5. okay, the ending time has been changed
  6. I win right?
  7. Reverse Auctions mean you have the item, and are posting the lowest price you'd be willing to sell it for. So with your bid of 0r, you're stating that you have a DC of Gold Ingots that you are selling to cube45 for 0r (free/nothing/etc).
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  8. Oh, I had no idea, oops. Maybe he should have said that
  9. is inn the title...
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  10. I thought he just meant that it was it went down. He didnt explain it so leave me alone
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  11. Auction thread closed as it is over. For anyone interested, information on Reverse Auctions can be found here
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