Closed ( Reverse Auction) 2 Beacons

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  1. What: 2 Beacons
    Drop off: My res on SMP3. v\ bralukwie
    Starting price: 30,000
    Minimum bid decrease: 200r
  2. 30 K
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  3. I forgot to mention the auction ends 48 hours after last bid. Sorry, I'm sorry, I'm bad person.
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  4. Bump. Auction ends in a couple hours. I'm going to bed, when I get home tomorrow I'll pay whomever wins, prolly CallumDAKing. Once I've paid, I'll set up chest for delivery.
  5. This reverse auction is invalid. Beacons can be reverse auctuoned in minimum quantities of 5.
  6. oh my god ur so right.
  7. as mentioned, auction is invalid.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.