[Closed Reverse Auction] 1 Iron Supporter Voucher

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  1. Item: One (1) Iron Supporter Voucher
    Starting bid: 140k
    Min. bid decrease: 1k
    Delivery: your choice, but within 24 hours from ending time (mailing preferred)
    Ending time: 24 hours after first valid bid

    Note 1: This is a reverse auction, which means YOU sell the item(s) to ME!
    Note 2: Double read the auction ending time!!!!!
  2. Bump

  3. Bump.

    xHaro_Der is in the lead with 140k
  4. Auction will end in:

  5. Oh, I said:
    but this isn't allowed according to the rules, so it'll be 48 hours after ending time

    ThaKloned is in the lead with 100k.
    I honestly didn't think it would escalate this far :D
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  6. Only 6,5 hours left

  7. Final bump!

    With only 3,5 hours left, will anyone beat ThaKloned (100k)?
  8. Only 8 minutes left. Grab your final chance!

    (I know I said the last one was the final bump, deal with it :cool:)
  9. The auction has ended!

    Winning bid:
    I'll pay as soon as I get home from school!
  10. No worries. Will mail it when I get a chance.
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  11. Mailed
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  12. Paid :)

    Closing thread
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