[CLOSED] RARE ITEM for sale!

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  1. Hey EMC! Torg123 here.

    I was out exploring a little bit ago, and I found a bottle labeled ZOMBIE VIRUS: DO NOT CONSUME.

    I was wondering if anybody would like to buy it. I'm not sure what price this bottle would go for, but I suppose it can go to the highest bidder. Bids start at 1k, please!

    If I don't get any bids, I'll drink it to see what happens.
  2. Is this an auction or are you selling it? If it is an auction, you need to read the auction rules. If you are selling it, you cannot have people bid on it. Also, this wouldn't go under Products, Businesses, and Services.
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  3. Sorry, you'll have to have 54 of those (one double chest) to auction it officially on the forums. Just so you know, if you drink it, you get a lot of negative effects (no health loss) and a high resistance level (less damage) and the negative ones run out before the resistance, so you get a minute or so of less damage from... damage inducing things after the bad effects go away :)
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  4. Oh really? Huh.

    I can't even imagine getting 54 of them, I only found out they existed!

    Well then, nevermind.

    Oh, I did also find some Shiny Arrows, do you know of their significance?
  5. Zombie Virus's are pretty common, compared to some other drops. Shiny arrows, when shot with Marlix's Bow, will do extra damage.
  6. I'm sorry to tell you that they are very common and easy to option through killing zombies.. Not worth very much :(
  7. As the rest of the community has made rather clear, selling this item is allowed, but auctioning it is not (in its current state of a single item). Please decide which it will be or tell me to close the thread.
  8. Sure, close it, I guess.
  9. Krysyy, the fate of this thread lies in your hands! Press the big blue button! Never the green one, that shoots kitty cannons :p
    EDIT: That was perfect timing that Torg posted right before me. Makes more sense now :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.