[CLOSED] Promos for Incitatus & Valens

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  1. Hi EMC!

    The Horse Museum is looking to feature one of each horse promo. Unfortunately, I'm nowhere close to being able to get a Saltar, however, I am looking to trade promos for a valens and incitatus, both unused. Also still looking for an unused rudolph, per my other threads.

    If anyone has any unused that they're looking to sell to a good cause, please DM me here or in game to negotiate.
  2. i got an unused rudolph
  3. Sent you a DM!

    In other News: Incitatus - Bought! Still looking for a Valens
  4. Unused Rudolph bought - Only a Valens needed.
  5. Up - Still looking for a Valens or Saltar, now.
  6. Bump, on the hunt for a valens and saltar for the museum, still.
  7. i maybe have a valens i give for u swet shirt xd basicly thats probely a 10000%no xd
  8. I have a collection I can rummage through to see if I have extras of those two specifically. Let you know later this evening.
  9. Thanks! Let me know :)
  10. Bumping this again, still on the hunt! The museum is almost complete.
  11. Purchased Valens, looking for a Saltar now.
  12. Acquired saltar. Thanks for your help all!
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  13. Locked at request of OP :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.