[CLOSED] Pig Named Jeff

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  1. Auction item: Pig Names Jeff
    Why is it being auctioned: Its name is Jeff.
    Starting Price: 1000r
    Bid increase: 100r
    Ending: Sunday 7:00 pm EMC TIME

    This pig is like no other, it is Jeff the pig. Made from a pig egg I found in the depths of unused chests, this pig will not only inspire you, but look good doing it. For any other questions or more details, just PM me on the website!
    Home residence,
    7171 SMP3
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  2. 1000 because why not?
  3. too bad i already did 1.1k
  4. just barely missed the mark. 1200
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  5. 1.5k I need that pig
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  6. Who has more rupees? The more the merrier.
  7. 1.6k but do you really need the pig?
  8. 5k I MUST!
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  9. 5.3k want and must are two different things... are you sure?
  10. 7.5k heck yhea im sure
  11. As it has begun to rain I take it to be a sign that I shall not win this battle. I concede. Take care of Jeff.
  12. This auction is invalid, Spawn eggs must be sold in a dc, with each slot having 64 of the spawn egg, so in this case, This can not be auctioned off
  13. im still buyin it idc
  14. ill come pick it up then?
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