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  1. Hello! I am selling an Avalauncher!
    Starting Bid: 100,000r
    Minimum Increment: 2,000r
    Have a field day bidding on this!
    Auction End: 48 hours after final bid!

    Lore: The Avaluncher was dropped by the mighty Blizz Ard and it says "One snowball to rule them all", it is soulbound and has infinite throwability

  2. Also as an added note, can a mod come see what year this is?
  3. Nevermind figured it out, why cant I edit these posts?
  4. Just as a little friendly advice... You might want to consider lowering the starting bid. I just auctioned one last week & it only went for 50k
  5. well I would try but as I cant edit a single post on this page..
  6. Auctions cant be edited due to scamming being possible if done so

    If you want to change the price just click the report button and say that you need the price changed or something similar
  7. I was going to suggest to ask to have the thread closed & just start a new one
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  8. wpuld someone close this thread?
  9. you cna ask a mod to change the thread and del all the comments so it looks new
  10. also, be sure you only comment once every 3 hours. If you need to say information or reply to a players, i recommend you reply to the comment they had. Just commenting is still considered as a bump and in auctions i believe you are only allowed to bump once every 3 hours none else has commented. Or maybe 9. I also recommend reading the rules and regulations on the read me post before creating an auction ^.^
  11. If I were You, I'd Select The Report Button On this Thread and ask For a Thread Edit. So what I mean is with the request Of a thread edit, You ask for The Price To Be changed etc. If You'd like to do that :)
  12. Thread is loaded with offtopic. Closing at OP's request, no bids made.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.