(CLOSED) Nether Spleef Arena On SMP1! (Created by Dark_Liz)

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  1. Hear ye, all Empire Dwellers!

    Do You find your self in the need of a good spleef every now and then? But you do not want to deal with that painful process of giving everyone permissions on your lot? Want to be able to play spleef with a little bit more.... death?

    Well fear not.

    Your resident Mega Senior Moderator of epic Ideas and Dreams (pending title) Dark_Liz,
    took that faithful step to bring what you, the players, were asking for.

    Located in the scenic SMP1 Nether, is the Empire's FIRST Nether Spleef Arena.
    Included with a Great Spectating area, full of zombie pig men side entertainment, and Bedrock tunnel straight from the Nether Spawn.

    Chests Located fantastically in the spleefer staging area to store all of your valuables *though, I would not put anything there myself -- thieves and whatsnotsits*

    Dark_Liz has already hosted multiple games. However, the best part is...

    ANYONE can use it. Yes... I said anyone. Stop looking to your left and right. Because that means you!
    So come on down to beautiful SMP1 and experience Spleef as how it was meant to be experienced.
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  2. Nice:)
    Is that spleef arena just for fun or can you win something by the way?
  3. Really nice :D
  4. When being run by a member of staff, the winner of each round earns themselves a diamond pickaxe and some food.
    Best to come with an empty inventory, and make sure you use all your xp points too, or you risk losing them! :)
  5. ok
    Thanks Shaun:)
  6. Wow a dia pickaxe!!! ;)
  7. Lol ,it sounds fun and it really does get annoying giving every1 permission for your res just to play spleef.
  8. Wait wait wait... What is "spleef" ?

  9. Um... why have I never heard about this, and why doesn't it exist anymore?
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  10. Because Dark_liz Went AWOL months ago, along with Ausqb and a few others. (Amadai, malicaii12, etc.)
  11. Please start another thread if you want to make a suggestion to start this up again. Closing this thread to avoid confusion...
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