[CLOSED] My Head

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  1. So many people have been wondering why my head drop is off and its getting pretty annoying when someone spams me this

    Example: GIVE ME UR HEAD, can I have ur head, coolblox100 turn ur head drop on.

    Well the reason is. ..

    Its a Identical Endermen head and I turned it off to prevent scams

    so that's why my head drop is off the next time u ask me that question ill give a no.

    I give out my head during my birthday (Febuary, 16th) and u can buy it at my 4th res for 10k


    Ender King :cool:
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  2. Everyone Head is off! Why would you even turn heads on
  3. First like! And okay. I'll stop spamming you XD
  4. Alrighty then?

    Kind of confused why your thread title says "[CLOSED]" :confused:
    People can kill themselves until their head drops and they can display their own head.
  5. GIVE me your head, May I can have your head?
  6. Your birthday is very close to mine :D
  7. k