[Closed] [Hiring] Mimers and farm builders for Volt XII.

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Sarkee321, Nov 1, 2013.

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  1. Hello emc

    Here are the jobs that need filling.

    Lumberjack, job, mine trees and leaves and saplings along with apples. Paid = 1,000r to 100,000r
    Dirt miner, job, mime dirt related blocks. Paid = 100r to 50,000r
    Qauyman, job, mine all the types of stone. Paid = 1,000r to 500,000r
    Ore miner, job, mine all the ore and their blocks. Paid = 2,500r to 250,000r
    Farmer, job, mine crops and mobs. Paid = 50r to 250,000r
    Rare empire minecraft item buyer, job, buy rare emc items. Paid = 5,000r to 1,000,000
    Update miner, job, mine the lastest update blocks. Paid = 5,000r to 100,000r

    Farm builder, job, build farms on smp6 to smputopia. Paid = 1,000r to 50,000r

    All Jobs Taken!
  2. Two places filled
  3. Do you have the 1000000 rupees for the rare item buyer? 0.0
  4. If u do the wotk then yea...
  5. I am sorry. I just sold my ICC head. :(
  6. What do you want me to do if I sign up for the rares job?
  7. As in ores, I can supply ALOT of gold as well as redstone and iron.
  8. I could do the stone because i have a stone gen, or will have one soon.
  9. I could do the farmer job but what do I need to do to get 250k? Give me so e details please.
  10. He will PM with details once he's checked the thread.
  11. PM to all wanting jobs is sent.
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  12. I would love to do this I don't have that many rupees.
  13. I could possibly be farmer
  14. Not farmer job farm builder job
  15. You just PMed me an exact copy of the OP, I still don't know what I do in detail or how I get paid.
  16. I could take the ore miner job, I'd just need to know where to go and whether that means I'm mining stone with that as well.
  17. He will pm you again with stuff also the ore minering job is ore only.
  18. i got no msg =(
  19. Ok sorry I forgot to add you.
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